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Pokernut Boilies

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POKERNUT: Background and Ingredients!

First and foremost, it’s a bait that we are incredibly proud of and has exceeded all of our expectations in every possible way…….. A bait that  had our small team of testers literally wetting themselves with excitement and begging for more, as their catch results went off the scale whilst testing it! For us, it’s a bait that could give you that all important edge we believe you look for when fished along side similar baits …….It’s a bait with ‘poke’ that’s for sure!


 We developed a mix that contains a variety of different sized food particles and textures, whilst remaining firm but retaining a moist feel. Add to this our specially sourced coconut and peanut flavours, sweeteners, palatants and powdered attractors and we were half way there.


We can’t put enough emphasis on what this bait offers in the way of attraction. We had  been testing a liquid feed stimulant within a prototype high attract/hook bait over the winter and spring period prior to the Pokernut launch. Its performance when matched against baits not containing the additive was truly remarkable. When adding a small amount to a dip or bait soak the results were mental! This additive combined with the other liquid and powdered attractors has for us, produced the ‘DREAM-TEAM’ of attraction we had been looking for.


We also have given careful consideration to the nutritional profiling, ensuring exceptional digestibility and food value. Taking a slightly different approach, we have used a variety of other products that gives us, what we believe to be a perfectly balanced all year round H.N.V food source.


Heres a brief technical insight into some of the ingredients that make the Pokernut ‘Stand Out’ from the crowd….



 An ingredient that has been long coveted by the bait industry and kept under wraps for that very reason. Much talked about within the forums and chats by the independent and respected bait buffs out there, you will find it included in some of the most devastatingly successful base mixes ever released.

It is a highly concentrated yeast culture made exclusively by the supplier we source it from, and is put through several special processes to give its own unique properties. These processes create a product that consists of complete amino acid groups and the maximum amount of metabolic products, iso acids and enzymes. It is designed to boost the immune system, promote growth and gives exceptional digestion. Widely used as the number one yeast feedstuff supplement in the aquatic, livestock and pet food industry to promote a high food intake.

With a protein content of over 46% and being 80% to 90% water soluble, its strong natural attraction properties are second to none. We have included this at the maximum recommended inclusion rate, such is our confidence in this additive.


‘SENSE STIM’ (liquid stimulant):

We cannot praise this ingredient enough! A concentrated high strength liquid feeding trigger, from the stable of ‘next generation’ appetite stimulants within the fish farming industry. Designed to promote increased food in-take, so as to give better growth rates for fish breeders. Being a liquid it gives excellent dispersion and leak off from within the bait. As mentioned in the previous text, we have secretly used this to HUGE success whilst developing a prototype hook bait.


‘M.R.P’  (The Real Poke in PokerNut):

Last, but not least, the ingredient that gives this bait the “welly”. We shall affectionately refer to it as M.R.P ….

Well what can we say about this one? It’s blown our minds in how affective this product seems to make the liquids and bait we have put it into. Its history traces back to ancient times and has been used to give both animals and humans increased energy and vitality, stimulating nerve cells and metabolism, giving an overall sense of wellbeing.

And it’s not difficult to see why! It offers a unique nutritional profile as a complete protein that provides 19 amino acids, bursting with the carp attracting L aminos such as L lysine and L glutamine, whilst containing 4 different stimulatory alkaloids and 20 different essential fatty acids. Add to this an abundance of calcium and vitamins including B2, B3, B6 and C.


‘The POKERNUT’ is a bait that stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of what the bait industry has to offer and has become the ‘Number One’ bait choice for thousands of our customers.



De-Fatted soya flour
Crushed birseed mixture
Crushed, toasted hemp
Blended vanilla milk powders
Egg powders
Sense Stim’ liquid stimulant
Coconut flavour
Peanut flavour
Mould inhibitor


MeatyMite Boilies

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MEATYMITE: Background and Ingredients!

You’ll note by the ingredients list we have crammed this bait full of highly digestible top quality ‘Meat’ based stimulants and enhancers, fused together to complete a very complex aroma which we feel is beyond unique (something you need smell and taste for yourself to understand). The end result should capture the interest of even the most inquisitive of other brand bait users. The combined different back notes are unreal, and phase in and out when hitting your senses. The initial savoury bacon scent with a hint of maple is quickly followed by that familiar marmite/Bovril smell that very subtly kicks into play. And as obscure as it seems, a small amount of shellfish and krill attractor has also been added to give the exact ‘flavour’ signature we have been looking for. The liver powder alongside the Liquidised liver also plays a key part in the overall attraction, and feed stimulation package of this bait, creating a very unique and alternative product to much of what the boilie market offers.

What now seems like an age ago, we gave ourselves a brief to develop a bait that really stood out from the crowd and to give the angler something very different to add to his bait armoury, and be ideal for use All year round. For us the new Meaty-Mite is it!  We wanted a bait crafted without rush or commercial pressure, so afforded ourselves the time to play and play we have!. This is a ‘top-shelf’ bait that we are very proud of, and after incredible testing results and feedback, we take great pleasure in introducing the ‘Meaty-Mite’ to our range.

Trust us, if your looking for something different this one ticks the box!


Below is a brief overview of the prominent ingredients within the bait.


Meat and Bone Meal:

 A product that contains approximately 50% protein and gives a lovely meaty aroma It has been used in many animal feeds to improve the amino acid profile. A real ‘Beefy’ alternative to fishmeal as an ingredient



This liquid liver variant is a very pungent and attractive appetite stimulating liquid food, which acts as a great feeding trigger in any bait. Being in liquid form it gives excellent dispersal from within the bait. High in natural amino acids, its also an incredible winter carp bait additive



This powdered version of this incredibly rich, highly effective feed stimulant. It has a superbly strong aroma and is highly soluble and digestable, slowly releasing from the bait as the bait it breaks down.



The inclusion of these two well acknowledged high protein, low oil fish meals give further depth to the amino acid and attraction profile in the overall bait, making an excellent compliment to the meat and bone meal.   



Niger seeds
Rock salt
Meat and bone meal
Low temp fishmeal
White tuna fishmeal
Meat and savoury food source
Liver powder
Chicken liver

KMT Boilies

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KMT: Background and Ingredients!

A quick visit back to yester-year and to the age of the (now) Old School Angler and you’ll 

never be more nostalgically reminded of how things were back in the day until you’ve met our KMT Fishmeal bait. A true ‘Old School’ bait with a modern twist. Oozing subtle flavours on the outer skin of fruit and fish until you break it open and get hit with first the squid combined with the Monster Crab followed by an old favourite, Tangerine! Couple this with our highly soluble squid and crab extracts, plus the legendary Haiths robin red and you have what we think is the ultimate fruit/fish attraction package.

Designed for longevity on the hardest of waters, it has the perfect ingredient profile to support long term baiting campaigns. Being based around both low temp and pre digested fishmeal’s give’s the bait a high protein, low oil content with excellent amino acid provision. Finished off by the inclusion of Highest grade Norwegian kelp meal, this creates the perfect all season bait  focussing specifically on the dietary and digestive needs of our Quarry. The KMT is a ‘Must-have’ for your high quality ‘old school’ fishmeal needs!

A true ‘Flagship’ bait of ours in the making!




Kelp, Marine and Tangerine Ingredients:

Low Temperature Fishmeal
Predigested Fishmeal
Egg powders
Squid Extract
Crab Extract
Robin Red
Salt Squid Flavour
Monstercrab Flavour
Tangerine Flavour
Mould Inhibitors 

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