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Chod/Stiff : 
A hook style dedicated to the two now infamous and deadly carp catching presentations …

Curve Shank :
The ‘curve’ shank pattern hook is a style you will find in the tackle box of most keen rig tying enthusiasts .

Round Shank :
Based around the traditional round hook, which has been honed and developed to what has now evolved into our round shank hook pattern.

Wide Gape : 
This particular hook needs very little introduction. One of the most popular patterns in modern carp angling due to its versatility.

Square Gape : 
Perfect for bottom bait fishing with boilies, pop ups or particle bait presentation. With its ultra wide gape, slightly beaked point and in turned eye,

Round Shank Chod:
The chod version of our ultra effective, ultra popular round shank hook range.