Save money and save carp! – Adam Sturt

Save money and save carp

Save money and save carp

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Once the fish is retained safely, whether this is in a retaining sling or a deep landing net in the margins, aftercare is important and an angler’s responsibility. Treating any sores, hook holds and the like, especially when coming into spring and when the fish start spawning when they’ve been smashing themselves to bits, so why not look after them and help them recover.

I think every angler should have a bottle of carp care solution in there tackle bag. It’s called Propolis you can buy it from any decent garden centre or online and only cost a tenner! All you need to do to treat the fish is dry the wound or hook hold with a dry towel, apply some Propolis, sprinkle some water over the top of the treated area and it will seal the area completely it’s then waterproof.

This stuff really works. I’ve treated many fish along the way and some of the really old fish too, over 40 years old, in the past and the wounds I’ve treated have completely healed them up to fight another day and keep in tip top condition.

On one occasion one of the bigger residents of the lake I was fishing was caught and she had a good 2-3 inch cut on her flank. After cleaning and treating her with this product when she got caught again all that was left was a scar. No signs of infection, nothing. So, just a little thought for us anglers to look after the carp we catch if they need a helping hand.

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  1. ChubbyNinja
    finfan says:

    brilliant all natural remedy,, works on anglers too so if you have a cut then treat with propolis and stop any nasty infections before they start 😉

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