Colne Mere – Putting the Record Straight – Alan Tomkins

Colne Mere

Colne Mere – Putting the Record Straight It’s unbelievably almost 28 years since I first cast a line into Colne Mere, in an attempt to catch some of the few carp there. I’d gone there after a total fish kill in another difficult gravel pit I was fishing (25fish in 90 acres).  By choice, since […]

Guesting Part 2 – Plans made, and scuppered – Martin Crackoff

Guesting Part 2

Guesting Part 2 The next few days were spent sorting out tackle for the little pond, cutting out anything unnecessary, and then packing that as well, just in case. I knew I didn’t have a suitable tent, so went in search of a brolly. Luckily, my mate Bri had one going spare, so a quick […]

Carp Retention – Martin Crackoff

Carp Retention

Carp Retention – Martin Crackoff Whilst more of a rant and not a “dodgy theory” nor “questionable science” I did want there to be a little bit in the book, about Carp Retention. This could be (to some) a little more controversial than the rest of the book, but as I am writing this book […]

An In-Depth Look at Carp Vision – Tom Dolman

Carp Vision - Tom Dolman

Carp Vision – Tom Dolman Part 1: Light, Sight and Anatomy What can carp see? A question we may never truly have a definitive answer to but by gaining an understanding of how sight works, examining the physical characteristics of the fish and their natural environment we can get a pretty good idea of their […]