Guesting Part 2 – Plans made, and scuppered – Martin Crackoff

Guesting Part 2

Guesting Part 2 The next few days were spent sorting out tackle for the little pond, cutting out anything unnecessary, and then packing that as well, just in case. I knew I didn’t have a suitable tent, so went in search of a brolly. Luckily, my mate Bri had one going spare, so a quick […]

Carp Retention – Martin Crackoff

Carp Retention

Carp Retention – Martin Crackoff Whilst more of a rant and not a “dodgy theory” nor “questionable science” I did want there to be a little bit in the book, about Carp Retention. This could be (to some) a little more controversial than the rest of the book, but as I am writing this book […]

Guesting Part 1 – The Pain and the glory – Martin Crackoff

Guesting Part 1 So, lets see… It was about July last year when this particular tale began. As per usual, I’d managed to get bored on the “normal” water, and was looking for something a bit different. As with most of my woes, Iain was involved, and when I chatted to him about finding something […]

Understanding Rig Mechanics – Martin Crackoff

Understanding Rig Mechanics As rigs are the most overly complicated, yet least understood item the average angler will come across in everyday fishing situations, I thought a relatively comprehensive article explaining the basis behind rig mechanics, theory, manipulation, cause and effect, was in order. For this article, I am looking at feeding carp, which means […]

CherryCarp Rotary Club – Rigs – Part 1

Rotary Club - Rigs

In a world of confusion, chaos and hearsay, CherryCarp seek out The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth… in a series of simplifying our quest for catching carp. Separating the wheat from the chaff in today’s carp angling world we commence a brand new Rotary Club Journey by asking Martin Crackoff, Bill […]

Part 4 – An askance view of carping – Martin Crackoff

Askance view of carping

Keep It Real Good news, I’m not going to spout off for the next 20 minutes about keeping imports out of Britain, nor am I going to start slagging off those that fish for them. I won’t be aiming any low blows to syndicates or clubs or owners that stock large carp into their waters, […]

Part 3 – An askance view of carping – Martin Crackoff

Keep the Confidence

Keep the Confidence I touched on it in my last piece, so thought I should do a whole article about what I think is one of the biggest edges in carp fishing; Confidence. Confidence is a massive catcher of carp. A confident angler will always go that extra mile in order to catch his target, […]