TS1 Methodology and Thinking – CherryCarp

CherryCarp’s TS1 Methodology and Thinking

CherryCarp’s TS1 Methodology and Thinking It cannot be denied that the TS1 Range of Pop-Ups have accounted for a monumental hit of big fish since we launched them in early 2018. Not from superstars focussing on specific promotional objectives, but from ordinary anglers fishing in ordinary circumstances. We had been playing around with both over-flavoured […]

BullsEye – Stuart Dennis

BullsEye - Stuart Dennis

BullsEye – Stuart Dennis   We all carp fish for a vast array of reasons, some to just find themselves outdoors escaping the day to day grind of life, some to spend quality time with fishing companions catching up through a joint passion, some to submerse themselves into all that nature has to offer and […]

Ashmead – The final frontier – Tarby

Tarby Ashmead.

To boldly go where no Tarby had been before. Having fished pretty much here, there and everywhere spanning some 42 years of angling, nothing had prepared me for Ashmead. It didn’t matter how many times the venue was explained to me “It’s like a rabbit warren,  an 18 acre waterway connected by channels, three-way rivers, […]

Carp Angling Intimidation Brigade – Tarby

Intimidation Brigade

Carp Angling Intimidation Brigade For those of you old enough to remember, this isn’t a Hovis advert – Honest! But…having started off 40 years ago fishing for roach with a size one hook, 20 maggots on the hook, casting 20lb line from a nigh-on ‘my little pony’ fishing reel, through the eyes of a six […]

Trials and Tribulations of a long session Angler! – By Tarby

Trials Tribulations

Trials and Tribulations of a long session Angler! Episode One: ‘Long Session Strategy and Bait Application’ Long session angling is now my life. I don’t mean 2 or 3 days, I mean a week plus. For me my angling used to be an obsession, I look back over 40 years of angling pics to see […]