Carp Retention – Martin Crackoff

Carp Retention

Carp Retention – Martin Crackoff Whilst more of a rant and not a “dodgy theory” nor “questionable science” I did want there to be a little bit in the book, about Carp Retention. This could be (to some) a little more controversial than the rest of the book, but as I am writing this book […]

TS1 Methodology and Thinking – CherryCarp

CherryCarp’s TS1 Methodology and Thinking

CherryCarp’s TS1 Methodology and Thinking It cannot be denied that the TS1 Range of Pop-Ups have accounted for a monumental hit of big fish since we launched them in early 2018. Not from superstars focussing on specific promotional objectives, but from ordinary anglers fishing in ordinary circumstances. We had been playing around with both over-flavoured […]

BullsEye – Stuart Dennis

BullsEye - Stuart Dennis

BullsEye – Stuart Dennis   We all carp fish for a vast array of reasons, some to just find themselves outdoors escaping the day to day grind of life, some to spend quality time with fishing companions catching up through a joint passion, some to submerse themselves into all that nature has to offer and […]

WaterCraft – Bill Phillips

WATERCRAFT If asked, ‘what is the most important thing in the any angler’s armoury?’ my answer would always be, ‘YOUR EYES’. Used effectively, your eyes can catch you more than any alleged super bait, rig or anything else. With experience, other senses such as hearing, smell, knowledge of your quarry and even intuition can come […]

Guesting Part 1 – The Pain and the glory – Martin Crackoff

Guesting Part 1 So, lets see… It was about July last year when this particular tale began. As per usual, I’d managed to get bored on the “normal” water, and was looking for something a bit different. As with most of my woes, Iain was involved, and when I chatted to him about finding something […]

WaterCraft – by Mark Walsingham


I was asked recently to write a short article for an angling website and it’s no coincidence that I chose to write about watercraft. Watercraft to many anglers just means finding a feature like a bar or silt gulley, following a warm wind to find the fish or having a good look around the lake […]

Tips for River Success – by Paul Miller

River Success

River carp are much more active than those in lakes. They also need to constantly adjust themselves to the water currents, this means they need more energy than carps in lakes, and therefore, more food. There are some basic differences between fishing in lakes and in rivers, and in this article we touch 4 important […]

CherryCarp Rotary Club – Rigs – Part 1

Rotary Club - Rigs

In a world of confusion, chaos and hearsay, CherryCarp seek out The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth… in a series of simplifying our quest for catching carp. Separating the wheat from the chaff in today’s carp angling world we commence a brand new Rotary Club Journey by asking Martin Crackoff, Bill […]

Part 4 – An askance view of carping – Martin Crackoff

Askance view of carping

Keep It Real Good news, I’m not going to spout off for the next 20 minutes about keeping imports out of Britain, nor am I going to start slagging off those that fish for them. I won’t be aiming any low blows to syndicates or clubs or owners that stock large carp into their waters, […]