Carp Angling Intimidation Brigade – Tarby

Intimidation Brigade

Carp Angling Intimidation Brigade For those of you old enough to remember, this isn’t a Hovis advert – Honest! But…having started off 40 years ago fishing for roach with a size one hook, 20 maggots on the hook, casting 20lb line from a nigh-on ‘my little pony’ fishing reel, through the eyes of a six […]

Save money and save carp! – Adam Sturt

Save money and save carp

Save money and save carp Once the fish is retained safely, whether this is in a retaining sling or a deep landing net in the margins, aftercare is important and an angler’s responsibility. Treating any sores, hook holds and the like, especially when coming into spring and when the fish start spawning when they’ve been […]