BullsEye – Stuart Dennis

BullsEye - Stuart Dennis

BullsEye – Stuart Dennis   We all carp fish for a vast array of reasons, some to just find themselves outdoors escaping the day to day grind of life, some to spend quality time with fishing companions catching up through a joint passion, some to submerse themselves into all that nature has to offer and […]

Understanding Rig Mechanics – Martin Crackoff

Understanding Rig Mechanics As rigs are the most overly complicated, yet least understood item the average angler will come across in everyday fishing situations, I thought a relatively comprehensive article explaining the basis behind rig mechanics, theory, manipulation, cause and effect, was in order. For this article, I am looking at feeding carp, which means […]

CherryCarp Rotary Club – Rigs – Part 1

Rotary Club - Rigs

In a world of confusion, chaos and hearsay, CherryCarp seek out The Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth… in a series of simplifying our quest for catching carp. Separating the wheat from the chaff in today’s carp angling world we commence a brand new Rotary Club Journey by asking Martin Crackoff, Bill […]

Rig Mechanics for Effective Hooking – By Steve Nelson

Rig Mechanics

Rig Mechanics for Effective Hooking We think its fair to say there are few holes in the armoury of some of our anglers ability of today. Thats not a superior stance, its one of observation based upon an understandable eagerness to catch the lumps and unfortunately it can be at the detriment of both experience […]