Guesting Part 2 – Plans made, and scuppered – Martin Crackoff

Guesting Part 2

Guesting Part 2 The next few days were spent sorting out tackle for the little pond, cutting out anything unnecessary, and then packing that as well, just in case. I knew I didn’t have a suitable tent, so went in search of a brolly. Luckily, my mate Bri had one going spare, so a quick […]

BullsEye – Stuart Dennis

BullsEye - Stuart Dennis

BullsEye – Stuart Dennis   We all carp fish for a vast array of reasons, some to just find themselves outdoors escaping the day to day grind of life, some to spend quality time with fishing companions catching up through a joint passion, some to submerse themselves into all that nature has to offer and […]

Tips for River Success – by Paul Miller

River Success

River carp are much more active than those in lakes. They also need to constantly adjust themselves to the water currents, this means they need more energy than carps in lakes, and therefore, more food. There are some basic differences between fishing in lakes and in rivers, and in this article we touch 4 important […]