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KMT Range (Kelp Marine and Tangerine)
A quick visit back to yester-year and to the age of the (now) Old School Angler and you’ll never be more nostalgically reminded of how things were back in the day until you’ve met the KMT Fishmeal bait. A true ‘Old School’ bait with a modern twist. Ooozing subtle flavours on the outer skin of a fruity fish until you break it open and get hit with first the squid extract combined with the Monster Crab followed by an old favourite Tangerine! Designed for longevity on waters in order to support long term baiting campaigns you’ll not see this range blow!

Designed for longevity on the hardest of waters, it has the perfect ingredient profile to support long term baiting campaigns. Being based around both low temp and pre-digested fishmeal’s give’s the bait a high protein, low oil content with excellent amino acid provision. Finished off by the inclusion of Highest grade Norwegian kelp meal, this creates the perfect all season bait focusing specifically on the dietary and digestive needs of our Quarry. The KMT is a ‘Must-have’ for your high quality ‘old school’ fishmeal needs!

A true ‘Flagship’ bait of ours in the making!

Low Temperature Fishmeal
Predigested Fishmeal
Egg powders
Squid Extract
Crab Extract
Robin Red
Salt Squid Flavour
Monstercrab Flavour
Tangerine Flavour
Mould Inhibitors

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