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If fishing outside the UK we are sometimes looked upon as a little strange for not using shelf life bait with the human grade preservative evolvement of today. We will always have our Frozen baits fans as that’s part of our English carping heritage, however OUR boilies need no air drying, rehydrating, re-glugging or soaking to bring them back to the original fresh state a frozen bait would represent.

You only have to read some of our ‘customer’ reviews on the quality, texture and leakage to get an idea of why our shelf life bait is second to none in the industry and more importantly why it is the whole team behind CherryCarp won’t use anything other than OUR shelf life boilies today. Don’t listen to old wives tales or think advancements haven’t been made over the past 10-15 years, take it from a company who are prepared to state categorically why OUR Shelf Life boilies are a fantastic option for you going forward.