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Pokernut Boilies

Usually a bait is designed first, then the additional products follow on. Not so in this case! It was whilst developing what is now known as the PokerNut ‘Splosh’, our unique cloud liquid, that the inevitable brainstorming happened. The cogs started whirring, as it dawned on us that we were onto something just a little bit different and a little bit special, incredibly special!

As you will have seen in our tank test video, the way the PokerNut Splosh reacts in water is nothing short of extraordinary, it was however accidental and remains just a bi product to the main product. But it’s not only the visual effect that had us so excited from the off, the attractor blend and taste profile we’ve created is just so right it screams CARP.

We’ve been playing about with the peanut and coconut attractors for some time and knew they would have to play a part in the liquid cloud system we were developing. But it was one specific ingredient that set the wheels in motion for the need for a new boilie, the one that’s responsible for the ‘POKE’ in our new ‘PokerNut’. An additive, to our knowledge, that is not used in any other bait on the market.