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Starting today we are going to build an ‘openbook’ auction and raffle fund to help CherryCarp Customers (those who have previously purchased from CherryCarp) and their families in dire need.

All funds raised will visible and transparent and the funds will be there to help those in desperate need to get by until this sadness ends.

It’s not charity or an opportunity for potential fraudsters to take liberties. This isn’t a time for putting pride before feeding your family either.

Obviously this isn’t an expert field of ours so will be making it up and improving along the way. We can collectively decide as a community as to how the funds are distributed etc.

DONATIONS – If you would like to donate to the corona fund ,  please email with the amount and we will send you an invoice. Thnks for your support in helping us help those in need.
AUCTIONS – Please visit our community to find what others are doing for the cause.

For more information on why and how we are doing this please go HERE