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H- DEC, The last piece of the jigsaw
Many baits have been adapted to become a shelf life bait, as where CherryCarp baits were specifically designed this way! So how controversial, that we would develop a soak that will turn shelf life bait towards a fresh or frozen bait!

CherryCarp introducing H-Dec (Hydrolysis Digestive Enzyme Catalyst)
Glugs and liquids to aid a carp anglers obsession to tinker with their balls of goodness is not a new trend, but what if we were to help you tinker that little bit more? What if we were to tell you that our NEW H-Dec formula could transfer your shelflife baits towards a fresh or freezer bait? Would that prick your interest?

By applying H-Dec you will be in effect ‘de stabilising’ your baits. ‘Un-preserving’ the preservative, ‘un-inhibiting the inhibitors’ and ‘removing the shelf life’ in your shelf life baits, whilst still taking full advantage of the convenience factor that a shelf life bait can bring you. Such as storage and carrying around in the back of your car!

Enter the H-DEC bait soak
By applying ‘standard’ glugs to your shelf life bait you can expect a ‘hardening’ to take place and very limited enzyme activity due to the preservatives and inhibitors within. However with the application of H-Dec, an acute combination of specific natural amino acids, proteins and supercharged active ingredients, a reversal of the ‘preservation’ will start to occur and a natural softening may become evident. This will vary across the different baits that CherryCarp offer due to the individual makeup of each bait.

One of the reasons some bait gurus prefer frozen over shelflife is that once frozen boilies have defrosted, over a period of time the natural enzymes will start to break down the various proteins within, giving a reaction that creates natural amino acid chains within the bait. To what extent this process happens can be limited due to varying factors such as ingredients in the bait through to the different temperature it’s exposed to. The magic of the H-DEC soak is that once ‘activated’ by its application to the baits surface, it creates a highly effective enzyme reaction that in effect neutralises the mould inhibitors within the bait that give the ‘preserving’ effect, essentially de-stabilising and replicating the reaction that occurs within defrosted, frozen baits but in a far more intense, and highly active manner.

Although there are various methods to try in enhancing your bait with amino acids, the totally natural ‘free amino chains’ and ‘enzymes’ created by the H-DEC as it works its way into the bait come at it from a completely different angle! The H-DEC uses several key, very high protein ingredients to create just the right amount of ‘physical’ reaction to give a steady break down of the baits exterior, without turning it to complete ‘Mush’. Many will be familiar with the term ‘pre-digested’.  Carp don’t have a stomach, so to get the maximum benefit their food needs to be as easily digestible as possible. The enzymes within the H-DEC enable this, with partial digestion of the bait, working its way from the ‘outside in’, rather than the limited amino activity trying to take effect from behind the ‘egg based skin’ that is the essential characteristic of all boilies. The H-DEC aggressively frees up all the highly active amino acids, dispersing them far and wide into the water, essentially mimicking the signals given off by the carp’s natural food, whilst also enabling maximum absorption of all the freely available nutrients. This process quite literally bangs the ‘Dinner Gong’ for the carp and gives off the strongest ‘eat me’ signals that a carp angler could look for within a bait.

So, now you can have your high quality Cherry Carp shelf life baits, with all the best attributes you would want from a frozen bait, whilst having each boilie turned into a ‘super charged‘ Bio-Active carp magnet, retaining all the benefits we have come to love that are associated with CherryCarp’s baits. No more hurdles to conquer!