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Now in true cherry carp tongue in cheek style we named this product the ‘Splosh’  because thats EXACTLY what you do with it! You can ‘Splosh’ it on anything from your boilies through to pellets, particles, stick mixes you name it!

The thinking behind the splosh concept was to create a fully versatile liquid compound that once applied gives of a constant steady stream of attraction and nutritional signals throughout the water column. Upon introduction, a highly visual fog like ‘halo’ appears round the coated baits once on the lake bottom. Click ‘HERE” to view a video that shows the incredible cloud reaction it produces in full effect.

Each of the different boilie options within our range has a dedicated ‘Splosh’ to compliment their individual attractor profile. It’s slow dispersing ‘cloud’ properties  are perfect to deliver the various powdered feed stimulants, palatants and organic compounds that make up the ‘body’ of the Splosh. These  are loaded with essential amino’s, vitamins and fatty acids that trigger the carp’s senses to search and feed within the baited area. One such ingredient is our unique ‘Under the counter’ additive, the M.R.P. This features throughout the range is a prime example of the attraction properties the ‘Splosh’ liquid . Comprising of nine different amino acids, including the carp attracting L aminos such as L lysine and L glutamine, whilst also containing 4 different stimulatory alkaloids and twenty different essential fatty acids, plus an abundance of calcium and vitamins including B2, B3, B6 andC, its easy to see why the ‘Splosh’ is so effective!

The sheer amount of catch reports and positive feed back we’ve received about this product tells us this has been the game changer many of you had been looking for.

… One sniff and they’ll be slamming the brakes on to come and investigate!