CherryCarps Shelf Life Preservative Statement

The preservative we use in all boilie ranges are 100% biological human food grade preservative with zero taste nor smell which is why there is absolutely no difference in smell and taste between a frozen range and our shelf life range. The human grade preservative within our bait is designed specifically to remove any build-up of mould hence stopping the bait turn which would be the case with frozen baits without preservative. Unfortunately many carp anglers (specifically within the UK) these days compare their thoughts with experiences known within the industry 15 years ago where non-human grade preservatives such as acid chemicals were used to stop baits going off or turning. These baits would retain an acidic smell and taste and were deemed unhealthy to the carps digestion system.

The preservative we use in our boilies is the same as what me and you are eating every day in our food, now ask yourself, have you ever tasted preservative in your food? If fishing outside the UK we are sometimes looked upon as a little strange for not using shelf life bait with the human grade preservative evolvement of today. The advancements from chemical based to human grade preservatives within baits of today are now ‘in most cases’ a thing of the past. We will always have our Frozen baits fans as that’s part of our English carping heritage, however OUR shelf life baits need no air drying, rehydrating, re-glugging or soaking to bring them back to the original fresh state a frozen bait would represent.

The human grade preservatives retain the freshness, moisture and texture the same as a fresh bait hence the insertion of preservative from the off. OUR shelf life’s are specifically designed to emulate the very freshest of bait without the aggravation factor and freezer storage issues that conventional frozen bait brings whilst designed to leak and break down accordingly. For Intellectual property reasons and competition intel, we will not state the exact preservative, but we will state 100% categorically that the preservatives used in our bait range are 100% biological and human grade and SAFE to the carp.

You only have to read some of our ‘customer’ reviews on the quality, texture and leakage to get an idea of why our shelf life bait is second to none in the industry and more importantly why it is the whole team behind CherryCarp won’t use anything other than OUR shelf life bait today. Don’t listen to old wives tales or think advancements haven’t been made over the past 10-15 years, take it from a company who are prepared to state categorically why OUR Shelf Life baits are a fantastic option for you going forward.

It is absolutely imperative that you take care of your shelf life bait once received. On opening your bait, make sure you keep in air tight containers and/or bags. Pay extra attention to removing the air. If placing in a bucket with a lid, then place a plastic sheet onto the top of your bait so the air between the bait and the lid does not penetrate the bait. As stated, its human grade preservative, the same that woud go into every day bread. If you take the bread out of the bag and expose to air for a couple of hours then the bread will start to turn, dry out and be rendered of little use. Its no different to our bait. Our baits are slightly dryer in the middle than non preserved baits due to deliberate dissolved moisture and is based upon both our ingredients, liquid levels and preservative. 

Please note, this is a statement from CherryCarp and only represents the contents and quality assurance of CherryCarp’s Bait Range. We cannot assure quality, preservatives or ingredients of others.