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CherryCarp’s TS1 Methodology and Thinking

CherryCarp’s TS1 Methodology and Thinking

It cannot be denied that the TS1 Range of Pop-Ups have accounted for a monumental hit of big fish since we launched them in early 2018. Not from superstars focussing on specific promotional objectives, but from ordinary anglers fishing in ordinary circumstances.

We had been playing around with both over-flavoured tricks and a few special stims across popups for a while now and although this sat outside our stable three main baits, it was conceiving a ‘Bullseye’ approach in a single pop-up that would complement our range of boilies, but stand out as a homing beacon over and above anything else tried or tested in the market. The TS1’s were fished exclusively on top of and amongst our MeatyMite, KMT and PokerNut and it’s this formula and combination that we believe has made them as successful as they are today. Catch reports can be found in photos on our facebook page and facebook group.

In addition to two of our own very special attractant concepts, we made the decision to once more go against the grain and SUPERCHARGE the TS1’s with REAL POWER..

Historically through bait making you would be warned and warned again to ‘go lightly’ with your flavourings based around the super senses of a carp due to smell and taste capability. This is something we agree with in ‘the main’ regarding baiting campaigns and potentially longevity of a bait in order to stop a bait from blowing, but we had different ideas when it came to the TS1’s.

With our careful blend of flavourings, tried and now TESTED, the concept was to stop the carp in its tracks, drop down to investigate, snuffle a few safe offerings until resistant was futile and then BANG get snared by the bullseye main attraction. Did this work? YES! Go look at the catch reports 😉 This has taken waters apart ever since the launch back in the winter this year and continues to do so.

Building on the back of this success, the thinking was to introduce a ‘supplement’ TS1 bottom bait to the mix. A bait introduction ratio of no more than 1-5 (TS1 Bottom bait to main bait PokerNut, MeatyMite, KMT). If five handfuls of loose bait is being concentrated into an area, then introduce one handful of the TS1 ‘supplement’ Bottom baits to the presentation.

The recipe of ingredients would need to stand the test of time for great breakdown, coarse texture and high digestibility in both boiling hot and extreme cold weather conditions. A base that could carry such strong flavourings and special attractants at extreme levels and still remain perfectly safe for carp to feed on.

We have never made a secret of our Baits ingredients, preferring to be upfront and transparent in everything we do. Firm believers that if you are upfront and honest from the start, then you have nothing to fear, hide or defend. The ingredient profile for the TS1 Supplement bait is as follows:

Egg powder
Egg abumin
Robin Red
Crushed Chilli Flakes
Niger Seed
Garlic Powder
Oils and Flavourings

We are pretty sure the concept of introducing a few supercharged baits into a main body of baits would have been played with by many a thinking home roller, but we feel our concepts are once again unique for the bigger picture and stand out from other methods that are pedalled by the media. THIS IS NOT A CONCEPT to simply mix two of your favourite baits and whizz them out there. This is a SUPERCHARGED complimentary supplement to aid the Bullseye methodology. ‘Get-em down, Get-em Curious, Get-em feeding!’

Why bother producing a supplement bait when maybe I could achieve the same by soaking standard boilies in high strength liquids?
The profile of this bait, its attractants and flavours will release the attractors steadily into the swim over a period of time rather than an instant hit as with a glug or liquid, but highly concentrated in terms of ‘unique to us’ attraction, building in the swim as they steadily release a continuous stream of high attraction over the session.

Are they safe for the carp to eat using attractants and flavours at such high levels?
Yes. The attractors are incredibly pungent, far more so than many of your average flavours, But even though the inclusion rates are quite high (ahem!!!), they are perfectly safe.

Surely using free bait of this strength will repel them and put them off?
The TS1 bottom baits are designed to be scattered in amongst your main feed, to provide little ‘beacons’ of attraction throughout your baited area, inline with the whole ‘TS’ concept, and not developed to be used for heavy baiting on their own. In fact, we would recommend against this for reasons of overload.

With a boilie ingredient list such as this why would you want to over power them?
All the other powered ingredients such as the Belachan, chilli flakes and fenugreek etc, add to the overall attraction package, giving a varied release of different aminos and feed signals that add to the overall attraction ‘Hit’, whilst our other included ingredients ensure great texture, rapid leakage and digestibility.

Why the pale pink colour?
That’s what pipped the poll by our facebook group ‘CherryCarp Community’ A bait company who not only listens to its customer base, but acts on it too!

The PROOF is in the pudding! A year of monumental results from fishing our unique TS1 Popup’s over our three main baits: MeatyMite, KMT and PokerNut has proven our concept beyond compare. This cannot be denied. So to introduce a ratio supplement of TS1 Bottom baits to the mix was the obvious evolution.

The TS1 ‘Supplement’ Bottom bait will be launched as part of a limited special edition in 1kg bags alongside the TS1 H-Dec Splosh and maybe a few other pack bits 😉

Original? YES! Replication soon to be attempted? NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER!

But there is only one CherryCarp and we March On…..

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    hydejohn says:

    TS1 pop ups best I have used in murky waters so can’t wait to use these in conjunction with the Meatymite

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